06 update broke VU pvr

I was using VU+ pvr in the last few months on Apple TV and last time on Vero4k and never had this problem before but since last June update it happened twice. First time I reinstalled fresh the 05-2 update and worked for few days, so I updated to 06-1 but today it is again not working.

When enabling the add on I get the error “cannot load library”. Sometimes it works after rebooting.
It is quite annoying. I will appreciate some help, my logs attached.


Are you saying that it works with 2017.05 without issue?

I never had this issue on earlier releases. I think I was on 2017-05 about one month with this vero4k without problem. Than few days after updating to 2017-06 the problem started.

My topical usage, I do this every day or every few days
-start and connect OpenVPN
-enable VU+ PVR add on
-when done watching Tv disable VU+
-kill Openvpn

Next time, after one or two days, OpenVPN starts and connects okay , but the VU+ PVR cannot be started.

Well it is hard to guess if your openvpn was active at the given time when you log shows:
19:56:24.579 T:4114788352 ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 0 for http://USERNAME:PASSWORD@ 19:56:24.579 T:4114788352 ERROR: Open - failed to open source

Suggest when you are connected to openvpn and Vu+ connection not working trying from command line wget http://USERNAME:PASSWORD@