10-bit Raspberry Pi playback

Hello, I’m not sure if this was already reported or if this is a known issue (sorry if that’s the case), but since the Krypton update Kodi won’t be able to decode 10 bit videos by software in my Raspberry Pi 3.

The “News Announcement” thread is not to report issues. Open a new thread if you believe having an issue. Provide debug logs (ideally from Jarvis and Krypton)

Raspberry Pi isn’t really capable of playing 10-bit video.
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Hello, I apologize for my misuse of the “News Announcement” thread and also for the link.

About the issue I mentioned, in Jarvis I was able to play most of the 720p 10-bit videos I found (it was not posible with 1080p videos) if I let disabled the hardware acceleration, while in Krypton it’s not possible at all. I know this is not an ideal scenario and that it’s very limited but at least it worked with some content, which was enough for me. Isn’t it possible to make it work again in those scenarios in this new version of Kodi? I mean, I’m not expecting something the pi hardware can’t handle because, as I said, it worked in some situations.

Thank you.