23.796 vs. Real 24 frames/s


I just noted today, that one of the very few movies I have will exactly 24fps appears to Stutter.

Does the veto 4k differentiate between 23.976 and 24 frames/s?. I’d this does not work automatically, can I set this manually?

If you have enabled “adjust framerate” in settings, it will do so automatically (24fps can be set manually, but 23.976fps can’t be). And yes, it does differentiate between 24fps and 23.796fps (24000/1001) when setting adjust framerate to on :+1:t2:

That is very good to hear :grinning:. Thanks!

If you mean with “Stutter” that you notice a micro-jump every 41-42 seconds then it’s possible caused by this, since by the different frame rates there is a gap of one picture frame every 41-42 seconds.
If you see more often “stutters”, it’s most possible another issue. Adjust framrate at Settings->Player->Videos should be the default setting but is not till now.

Yes, that was exactly the problem. I found that I needed to restart the box after setting the frame rate adjustment (which was already turned on). Maybe that is worth mentioning in the tips and tricks.

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That shouldn’t be necessary and is definitely not normal.

To bump an old thread… I have the same issues with 24.000 frames files. Stutter every 41 seconds… like the ones you had ages ago when players had problems with 23.976 files playing at 24.000… now it seems the problem is reverse, 24.000 files are played at 23.976… at least that is my guess.

Those 24.000 frames files used to be rare but I noticed more Web-DL are now encoded in 24.000. I need to check my HDMI chain if everything is working fine but I never had issues before.

edit: I restart of the Vero 4k, like suggested above, seems to have fixed this. Very strange though…

Ok nevermind, never underestimate the incompetence of encoders, even if they work for the industry. It seems that someone hardcoded the stutter into the file by converting 23.976 content into 24.000 frames, Why anyone would do that is beyond me. But the file now stutters every 41 seconds on every device I used (Vero 4k, Apple TV, Ipad Pro, PC and Smartphone).


Does anyone know what is up with so many WEB-DL now in 24fps instead of 23.976?

I know it has nothing to do with OSMC per se but it is kinda irritating. Big Bang Theory in 24fps for example has a stutter every 41 seconds while Star Trek Discovery in 24fps does not. EDIT: Star Trek Discovery has a micro stutter as well every 41 seconds.

Is the industry (and I mean the real one) moving away from 23.976 but simply screws up doing so? Like mentioned two posts above. Or is there a problem with the Vero after all… ? Well actually no because I have these 41 second micro stutters at the same time stamps on TV, PC Monitor, ipad etc… so what the yuck is up with this 24.000 fps sh1t on web-dl which seem to be poorly converted 23.976 media.

This is one of the many reasons why I recommend purchasing your media and ripping/re-encoding all of it yourself with Makemkv and Handbrake. You’ll get superior AV quality over an illegally distributed copy virtually every time.

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Simply put: no.
Frame rate has to match the source.

Vero will output the correct framerate of the file played, but whomever has uploaded this file has made a mistake.