2nd 2016 update: total fail too

So I gave it another chance, but no. Fresh install on PI-2-B: unstable, freezing and it plays media only as when it is in the mood and most of the time its also just stopping playing. I tried Media from Plugins, Apple-iTunes, Podcasts, Shoutcast, Web-Dav, SMB and UPNP: osmc - 2016+ just sucks.

I checked the system logs, and dmesg: nothing suspicious. Then I plugged osmc 2015 Nov or so back: all good! I also tested the same servers with the same Kodi-Version for desktop: all good.

So, may be one of you super developers do indeed a real test on REAL a device before publishing this crap to the world and pretending its all working and then blaming the user that he can’t make proper bug-reports and then finally telling him how shit he is and then go on just just ignoring it. Congrats, you couldn’t reject user reports in a more shitty way.

Or how about: “Please backup everything before installing any OSMC update, your device might get ruined…” Oldschool, you know?

same goes for another PI i just tried (2-B)

Try a clean install WITHOUT your pirate addons and I;m sure it will be better

I thought you were going to OE, what happened there ? :slightly_smiling:

it sucks big time already with a fresh install, webdav, upnp, smb, or direct HTTP with different servers.

@diligaf And why using Kodi without plugins, in the first place? Without its pretty poor for a “Media-Center”. There won’t be shoutcast, and many other things. It doesn’t matter its pirate or non-pirate (who knows that for real anyways)

However, to me it seems that something is wrong with the network stack because it plays fine from USB drive.

It works for everyone else so my suggestion would be to fix your network but I’m sure you don’t want to hear that.

makes no sense if the network issues doesn’t comes up with osmc - 2015 or Raspberry Pi nor does tcpdump gives any signs faulty network. I use the same router for far more critical apps and devices.

Then I don’t know what to say


my be I have to buy a osmc-2016 compatible router and LAN cables, right?

If that’s what it takes to fix your broken network then …

you start amusing me,
back to square one: everything else works fine on this network. I’d do heavy iOT dev work daily on this network, on a 350$ router. Its not the problem, AGAIN, and just for you: osmc - 2015 works fine on that net. Should i repeat this now a fourth time? That would go little far, no?

No logs. No issue.

I don’t like your tone, and I suspect others don’t either, which is why no one is going out of their way to resolve the issue.

Then you should know how to diagnose a network issue.


ok, the usual ignorance and death ears. did you read actually anything, seems you don’t seem to understand much this late hours. Are you drunk or something?

you can close this like the others.

another failed project, tested and carried by the users.

Agreed this tone is absolute not acceptabel for developpers who does all the work for free. You should not be so rude.

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There is no way we can tell what’s wrong with your device from your description. Yet you still do not provide logs. As you say you are a developer, you should understand the importance of good, verbose explanations supported by any logs if possible.

I suspect you haven’t uploaded any logs because in your previous post you mentioned banned add-ons. I suspect you also have problems with the ‘network’ because file locker sites are problematic by their very nature.

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You use FREE software and you expect it to be 100% bug free and working with any shit you throw at it out of the box? Really?
What is your problem? Use something else if you don’t like it. Buy a mediacentersoftware and screanm at the devs. But in this case it is not very sensible to do so.
I think there are numerous people that would be happy to help you for a shitload of money.
Wait! You dont’t want to pay something?
Then be patient and do not use unsupported stuff or use another distribution.

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stop whining. If I’d get such report, I won’t even bother about logs. Grab a device, install the standard palette of plugins, connect some UPNP, WEBDAV folders, throttle your network a little to 350kb/sec, make some spastic user actions and you’ll see what your 2016 update/software really worth in REALITY. I won’t even wait a second to figure out, just to feel good.

Nobody is going to believe for a second that you in an way do “heavy iOT dev work daily” when you don’t even understand the basics of troubleshooting or have the courtesy to be helpful and constructive, such as by providing logs that demonstrate the problem you’re seeing. Instead you just want to come on the forum and have a rude and obnoxious rant for who knows what purpose. (I can’t see a point to it)

Saying that you don’t need to provide logs because “anyone” will see the problem if they only just try to use OSMC is ignorant in the extreme. Guess what - I use OSMC every day and don’t see the issues you claim to see on my own systems. And there are lots of other users who also don’t see the same problems as you.

If you believe that because you see and are affected by a bug that “everyone else” must also be affected by the same bug and must also see it as soon as they use their device then sorry to say, but you are not a programmer and show ignorance of basic principles of debugging software and reproducing bugs.

Ho hum.


Nawwww, little Princess cant provide logs?

Either too stupid to know better or too stupid to troll better.

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