3D Blu-Ray ISO playback - right-eye first movie - issue?

Hi all
Wondering if someone here has had an issue with proper playback of any right-eye first films using the Vero4k+?

Last night I watched the 2011 shot natively in 3d movie DOLPHIN TALE. During the playback, I was bothered with an issue persistent throughout the film; seemed like there was a difference between the shadows shown for each eye in some scenes more than others, which was particularly distracting in shots with many reflections (like water surfaces etc). Other than that, the 3d itself seemed to be displayed properly. But the issue was bothersome and degraded the experience.

Afterwards, I found out that DOLPIN TALE is an right-eye first movie. I then started to wonder whether the issue I experienced could be due to the Vero software’s handling of right-eye first films. But I doubt whether that can really be the case, as I have several other right-eye films that are displayed 100% correctly on the Vero. Any comments/experiences on this?


This may possibly be another thing that works better if you remux to MKV rather than ISO, I’m not certain. All my 3D stuff is MKV and they switch eyes automatically; I don’t know about ISOs. But if you’re having trouble, you can always switch eyes manually if you need to. During playback, bring up the UI, then go into the video menu, and check the box called “Invert stereoscopic 3D mode (flip eyes)”.

Thank you for the quick feedback! I will check to see if these suggestions sort of the issue I experienced with this film.