3D-Films and Remote Control

Hi, I have a great problem looking 3D-Films: As soon as the file is playing (no matter if SBS, TB or 3D-ISO) the Infrared-Control is disabled. USB-Keyboard works flawlessly. when stopping the film (via keyboard) everything is okay. This problem seems to be a Kodi Krypton problem.

Hard to imagine how these could be related.
To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. The best way to get this information is for you to upload some logs. You can learn more about how to submit a useful support request here.

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Hi ActionA,
I have started logging and then played a 3D-ISO. Stopping the movie was not possible with the IR-remote. The raspberry did not react at any command. I stopped the movie via USB-keyboard. When the movie has stopped, I could use the IR-remote normally. The log you can find here:
Thank you, regards, Ernesto

Addendum: Switching to 2D when watching a 3D-Film (via USB-keyboard) enables infrard-control. Switching back to 3D disables IR-control again. Changing IR-Diode and GPIO-IN from 18 to 22 does not change anything.

The Problem occurs only when watching the movie via TV. When watching via beamer everything ist ok. CEC ist deactivated (Raspberry and TV).

The numerous updates last year have unfortunately not changed the problem.

Probably a bit late on this reply but…

Does your TV output its 3D signal to the glasses using infrared?

Seems feasible this is interfering with and blocking the Vero’s IR remote

That could actually be the case. There is probably nothing I can do, except to use the keyboard. Thank you.

The Vero remote has been RF for a few years now.

I use a Raspberry Pi3 and a Harmony remote control. I am therefore dependent on infrared.

Indeed but a lot of people use IR learning remotes in Home theatre environments.

You could try and use a USB IR extension cable - the old media centre PC’s used them a lot and position the IR received somewhere its not being blasted by the TV’s IR

This is not optimal, but it would be worth considering. thank you