3D Frame-packed Freezes, Full SBS Artifacts Only

Have been tinkering with a new RPi2 and OSMC to get a good 3d experience with my new 3d projector.

Half sbs plays fine.

Problem 1)
Frame packed avc mkv files (remux) play great and look awesome until about 20-30 minutes into the film playback just freezes. No “buffering” or other notification, and a few seconds (5-15) it starts playing again and a few seconds later (5-15) freezes again. I can hit “pause” during a freeze and get the pause notification, and wait a few seconds and press play which again only works some seconds until it temporarily freezes.

RPi2 is in Turbo mode, using 720p gui on latest OSMC using gigabit ethernet from pc to router to pi.

Bit rate for film is 36.5mbps. Is this too much for the hardware or should it be able to play this without temporary freezes? Any other optimizations I should check?

Problem 2)
Full SBS films are mostly lots of square discolored artifacts. Top and bottom black bars are larger than normal, and I can make out some subtitle text, but the rest is totally indecipherable. Audio is fine.

‘Adjust display rate’ set to always
“Support MVC video (full frame 3D)” - enabled
‘Use full HD HDMI modes for 3D’ - enabled

Any ideas on full sbs?

Any help really appreciated! I’ve read up trying to figure what to do, which has been bump to turbo, make sure gui is in 720, the 3 Kodi settings above, and using correct filename flags. Not found any other things to try, any ideas?

A debug log would be useful. Specifically I’d like to see any overclock settings.
Some overclock settings can result in an underclock which could harm performance.

If it’s not that then it may be network related. Copy the mkv file to Pi (on sdcard or usb stick) and check if it plays correctly from there.

If you have a file that has artefacts then produce a small sample and upload (e.g. to dropbox or google drive) and I’ll take a look.

I suspect you may be right about this being network related. I played the movie all the way through 1.5 times and no freezes this time today. Here is the log:
[in pm]

I just used the default “turbo” setting in osmc overlock which takes the arm_freq from 900 to 1000, core_freq from 450 to 500 and over voltage from 0 to 2.

On the full sbs samples, these are known good files, and the pi is not sending a 3d signal, if that matters. What tool should I use to trim the file cleanly for upload?

Also, just tried to play an .iso file before uploading the log. The signal is 3d but the picture is half on the left, half on the right. What filename flags are needed for framepacked ISO files? I can only find references to flags for SBS and OU.

Thanks for the help!

With full SBS you mean 2x Full HD resolution?
I doubt the pi is able to handle that.

Edit: Also do not overclock a pi2. Because of the new board layout it gets pretty unstable pretty fast.

Since we dropped the sdram frequency from 500 to 450 on the Turbo preset most Pi 2’s should actually be OK on Turbo now. But if you’re having problems with freezes try dropping back to Normal.

Well it can handle framepacking just fine which is 2 full frames packed into one. My understanding is RPi2 can handle all of these formats when settings are correct on a good source.

To be clear, I only bumped to turbo to see if it would help with freezes. I had them at stock clock settings.

So, any tips for getting half sbs or iso playback working?

No support for 3D ISO files in OSMC. There is experimental support in Milhouse nightly builds which may come to OSMC in the future.

You can remux (without reencoding) 3D ISO to mkv (e.g. with makemkv) and that should play.
Make sure the filename is correctly tagged (e.g. add .3D.SBS. to filename). Make sure “adjust display refresh to match video” is enabled. Enable “Use full HD modes for 3D” if you want framepacked output (full 1080p video for each eye).

Ah, ok, thanks for the info!

I will continue to tinker with the full sbs files playing.