3D subtitles issue

I’m running Leia on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, version 17.8-375. I use it exclusively for 3D stuff. At the moment there’s a persistent problem with subtitles. It doesn’t affect downloaded .srt text subtitles, but subtitles from the blu ray are often down zoomed in and displaced to the right so you can only read half of them.

It only happens in 3D mode - if you play the film as 2D, everything looks fine.

It’s happening on at least four different films, so it’s not specific to one or two videos.

Would logs and/or a sample video file be useful? I can give you a 20 second sample, but even that is going to be around 90MB, so you’ll need to give me a location to upload it to.

Probably one for @popcornmix to look in to.

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