3d to 2d on vero 4k

Hi, I have some 3D sbs films that I would like to watch in 2D since my girlfriend hates 3D, and I find that when I choose 2D/monoscopic the file stops working, is there any fix?

Does it happen with all files?


Please provide a debug log so we can see what happens.


Yes, I tried several, it simply shows the original vídeo image up/down or side by side stopped and with sound If changed during playback, If I initiate playback selecting 2d it stays all black.

I will when I arrive home, but is it a funcional option? I dont recall trying before on the vero 4k.

Don’t understand what you mean, we need logs to see why the file stops working when you switch to 2d.

I’m asking If it is a working feature switching from 3d to 2d.

I think it should work; but usually 2D output only works iff it’s a frame packed (MVC) video.

Ok, The files are just rips with the image on top/bottom, I presume frame packed are the BluRay isos with 3d and 2d right?

I have a rpi3 with libreelec that works fine converting this files to 2d, thats why I’m asking If it works the same way on vero4k.

It shouldn’t stay black though. You may have found a bug

I will try reproduce shortly

Ok, thanks