3D: Vero 4k vs. Raspberry Pi B+?

My question is whether the Pi B+ has any advantages over the Vero 4k in terms of 3D support?

I’m specifically interested in Frame Packed 3D (Bluray). It doesn’t matter to me whether it needs to MKV or ISO file support. Either is fine.

I currently have an Apple TV 4k and a cheap $20 Android S905 box (two different 3D TVs). Both run Synology DS video which I find sufficient for 2D, but neither work with 3D.

I have tried Kodi Krypton on my Android box, but I cannot get it to work with 3D. ( The standard Bluray player works fine for 3D, so I know the TVs are otherwise functional for 3D.)

If you need MVC output, you’ll need a Pi for now.
We can only output FP as SBS or TB currently on Vero.