4K HDR player for art installation - Vero 4K+ and OSMC?

Hi all - new to Vero 4K+ and OSMC here and a slightly unusual request for help…

I’m looking for a device to run a continuous and seamless HDR-10 4K video loop on a screen as part of a sculpture in an art installation and stumped upon Vero 4K+. I believe RasperryPi is not quite there in terms of HDR support yet which led me to research other options.

The video content would be custom created and professionally mastered to the HDR-10 standard. Is there a list anywhere of which file types are supported that are compatible with HDR-10 and OSMC?

I am looking for a device that ideally can boot up immediately once plugged in to the mains and start looping video with no user interaction. Could Vero 4K+ and OSMC do this? Or is there hope that it might be achievable with a bit of hacking?

What are the looping capabilities of OSMC? I’m looking for something that will go back to the first frame of video immediately after playing the last frame with no noticeable jump. Might this be possible?

If you send us the MediaInfo or a sample file, we can tell you if it will play.

You can loop the file, but there will be a very small time gap when it re-loads (about 100ms).
You could write a script to seek to the beginning instead of replaying the file, which could be smoother.

That should be possible.


Thanks for the info.

When looping would it go to black or just pause on a frame momentarily? How much might the seek script improve things?

We don’t have the file yet as it hasn’t been created, but I can get it mastered in pretty much any format imaginable so looking for recommendations as to what works with HDR-10 in OSMC I guess. Usually we would master the files to Netflix/Sony/Amazon/Apple delivery specs but these are high res masters (eg ProRes, IMF etc) from which streaming deliverables are then created. I imagine the high res masters won’t work on Vero 4K as the data rates and playback requirements are pretty crazy.

Would the automatic booting work with no interaction at all eg not even pressing a power button? I would like the user to plug monitor and Vero 4K+ into power and that’s it, no further interaction to get video to play.

I guess I need to just order a Vero 4K+ and start playing about. We may also have some budget to pay for customisation if I find I’m out my depth with scripting. It’s really critical that we find something that can loop seamlessly.

If that is the hard stop requirement, this is probably not the device for you. It’s a limitation of Kodi, the media center software that is used in OSMC. If completely seamless is a requirement, you’ll likely be disappointed. The software is not designed for your use case.

He could just seek back to 00:00 which would be seamless.

ProRes isn’t supported for hardware acceleration. Instead, I’d recommend using HEVC.

Yes - you can do that so that all they need to do is apply power / plug it in


I don’t see why you couldn’t just master most of the looping into the source file so it only restarts the file every x number of hours.

That’s true - you could just make a massive file.

Does seeking back mean you can see it actually rewinding through the video?

I did think of making a massive video but the aim is to get totally seamless playback.

What frame rates does are natively supported by the hardware? I’m looking at using an ASUS ProArt PQ22UC which I realise is a computer monitor rather than a TV.

I’m trying to figure out from the manual whether the ASUS supports video UHD over HDMI but it’s not super clear.

It won’t rewind from the video.

We should be able to meet your requirements. Vero 4K was used for the ReFrame Canadian film festival in 2019 and 2020 (https://reframefilmfestival.ca/ - we are a sponsor)

Based on your monitor specs I’d target 2160p24 which is supported. All of those 4K modes are supported on our device.


Seeking is not the right word - we can jump back to any point. But how long (time) is your video?

Duration is still TBC but probably talking sub 10 minutes.