4k hdr10 not working?

Hey, I just got the Vero4k and I played Dundirk 4k hdr10 dts hd using a usb ssd. I don’t think the hdr was recognized by vero. It played the movie good until the last 5-10min where the picture stuttered and dropped out a few times, I’m thinking this could be the rip do I’m gonna try a few more movies and see if this is a issue with the player.

However I want help to gey hdr10 to work. When i looked at the input data on the AVR it said 4k ycbcr444 24 bit, which it also said in the menu screen after the movie was over. I’m guessing it didn’t get the hdr10. So any suggestions with settings or anything?

You have to enable 10-bit manually for now, but it will be automatic in the next update. Did you do this?

How do I do this?

Any information when next update will be available?

Likely at the end of the month.


Thanks :slight_smile: