4K+ reset and use in the back of my 4Runner for movies/camping/automation

Hi- looking to reset the whole box to factory condition. I am looking to possibly repurpose the machine for something in my Toy 4Runner. Sounds dumb from the 2K look I am sure. It can power some fun things for kids and families. Adding it onto a 4K projector but other items tied to automation.

Is there something being said about that username I picked up? It works for me geographically.

Please be honest- I’d appreciate it.

I am rarely on here. I mean I mean I do love your gear, operating system, and devotion to helping so many.

If I am not welcome, well I can hit the next train. I’ve barely ever commented so if I irritated someone (I am not a Trump)- I’d like to know so I improve my relations in general with folks.

Perhaps I have missed something but also note that I’ve ben hacked down to my social # in the US thanks to the fact I have ties much to my dismay and not due to my specific employment. I was a biz planning mgr for Hewlett Packard for years (US).

Best of the day to you and all pertinent info is appreciated.





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Thanks is there another option?
I had no luck and I cannot find a “loose” micro sd card around the house.
It was not picking up a reboot option when using other options and there is not the normal SD card on the 4K+.

Also, was looking into an alternate OS.
Thanks again!

You can use a USB stick.

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If all you are trying to do is reset the Kodi configuration, you can just SSH in and:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv .kodi .kodi.save
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Then Kodi will be configured as it was out of the box (except any updates). If you did any system level changes then as already stated by others a fresh install is the easy way to get back to factory.

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Thank you- I guess I need a micro SD card to do a fresh install.

Thanks Sam but I cannot get it to boot from the USB stick. I followed the directions on the forum but no go. Guess I’ll have to play some more with it. Setting up some other things now so I guess I’ll return to this later. Thx again