4Kn Support on Raspberry Pi

I tried searching but couldn’t find anything on the 4Kn support with the Raspberry Pi. I currently have a Synology NAS with RaspBMC running Kodi and things are great… until I’m running out of space. I’m looking to upgrade my NAS and saw one that supports 4Kn (native 4K bytes of data per sector on the hard drive rather than 512e (emulation). When running true native 4k hard drives, everything must be compatible to read the larger sectors. Do you know if OSMC (or even RaspBMC) are compatible with 4Kn setups?

Should be fine

Use GPT partition layout


Awesome! Thank you for the quick reply!

Maybe I’m missing something, but if this is a true NAS that is exporting an NFS or SMB file share over the network to your Pi, what does it matter what the sector size of the drive in the NAS is internally ? It should be irrelevant as sector size is not exposed by a remote file share.

Now if you were trying to plug the drive directly into the Pi (eg it’s actually an external drive or external RAID) that’s a completely different story.


Skimmed this. Thought OP was running the disk off a Pi in a NAS like scenario.

If the NAS reads the disk just fine, does not matter. Network file systems do not implement block level access.