720 videos not playing fullscreen

I can’t seem to get my 720 videos to play full screen. I tried to set the video resolution in settings but 1280x720 doesn’t show up in the list. I am using a Yamaha DPX-1 projector to display my movies. I have another box that is Android based and I am able to select 1280x720 on it and it works fie. It’s just not as fast as the Pi2.

Your question doesn’t really make sense, because by default Kodi will scale all videos to full screen regardless of their resolution.

You shouldn’t need to fiddle with the resolution setting in Kodi - just set it to whatever the optimal/native resolution of your projector is, and Kodi will scale videos to fit automatically.

Is the osd fullscreen just not the video?
In this case set the right displaying method in the video settings.

Not true. I was watching The Walking Dead which is full screen on my 16:9 plasma display and it fills the entire screen. When I play the same episode on my projector It is squashed vertically to about half the size. The OSD is all the way at the top and the bottom but the video is not.

The native video resolution of my projector is not in the list of resolutions to select. That is the problem. I want to use 1280x720 and it isn’t there. And before you ask, yes, my projector supports that. I have an Android box that I set to 1280x720 and the videos are perfect on it. The problem with the Android box is it is too slow.

Please provide the output of the following commands so we can see what resolutions your projector actually offers:

tvservice -s
tvservice -m CEA
tvservice -m DMT