A few corrupted settings.xml files

Hi all,

My OSMC running on my Raspberry Pi3 has been acting weird lately. When selecting update icon under My OSMC , it would spit out garbage. As I started looking around, I noticed that I have a few settings.xml files which are corrupt. I’m not sure how it happened but it is affecting my OSMC system.
The settings.xml files I found so far to be corrupted are in the following directories:

Is there a way to reset them or do I have to install a new copy? Where would I find a new copy?



Sounds like you have a corrupted file system, restore from back up if you can. If issue continues I would recommend installing to a new SD card.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks Tom … I think you maybe right about corrupted SD card … but I think I’m lucky as everything else works. It’s just I’m not able to update.
So I’m hopping that by replacing those two settings.xml files I will have solved the issues for now.
Any idea how to “reset” them?

Those are the only corrupted files that you know about. Installing to a new SD card is your best bet. My guess would be your SD card is starting to fail. So even if they are the only currently corrupted files, there will be more in the near future…

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Agreed … but I’d like to get it working so I can make a backup before I install a new SD card.

So does anyone know where or how I can get these two files please?

Have you tried just removing them and see if they get recreated? If that doesn’t work I can show you what mine look like.

That did the trick … I just deleted them and they got recreated.

BTW: What is the best way to backup settings | favorites | placeholders | etc

Just not the media i.e. movies, music etc

Those should all be in your .kodi directory. So they should be backed up for you.

There is a lot of files and directories in the .kodi directory. I would not not what to copy/backup and what not.
Is there a guide on what the directory contains? i.e. a map or layout.

I 'd like to copy all my favourites shows and movies watched and where I am within a series etc.

Just use the backup tool in MyOSMC > Updates. That will backup the database (what’s where watched status is saved). I believe it also will save your favorites.

After installing to a new SD Card, if the restore doesn’t have everything (like Favorites) you can always get what’s missing from the original SD card.