A Newbie and 2 Questions

Hello everybody,
since yesterday I am the proud owner of a Vero 4k +, after long attempts with various players and a htpc ,I am now landed at the Vero and it meets all my expectations - last night installed and configured and after changing the hdmi cable run the 4K movies to without sound dropouts!
For the Vero 4K+ my respect to the oscm team !!!
But since I’m a complete Linux beginner I still have 2 questions and maybe you can help me?
First question - how can I turn the Vero into standby or does it always stay on?
Second question - when Sambashare I always land in the home folder and have no access to the mounted USB drives - the ftp access works. Since I have Kodi still running on 2 Android Tablets but I need the smb access to the mounted drives - I need your help please - in the wiki is indeed a lot, but I can not get on

If you need more information - let me know


Yes, the Vero is a always On device. Due to several requests @sam_nazarko implemented a fake Suspend mode which will reduce the CPU Governor to Powersave and will disable the HDMI signal. You can activate it via the Power menu.

To start, did you install samba server from App Store? If so after reboot your USB Drives should show up as individual shares under their disk label.

Thaks for the fast reply !!!

Yes samba server is installed - it works - but i can see only the home folder - the drives aren’t show as shares - thats my problem

Please login via SSH and provide output of:
grab-logs -A
Also install smblcient via sudo apt-get install smbclient
and provide output of smbclient -L localhost

Now we are at the biggest problem I’m completely stupid in linux I do not even know how I should do that - I have to make me smart first - I’m now on work and have no access to the Vero-can this evening try it - if I found out how to do it - But thanks for your help

Check out below how to access the Vero via SSH. If you are using windows than use Putty. On Linux the SSH client is already built in. You also can do it from the Android Tablets but that wouldn’t be so convenient. On Android you could use Apps like ConnectBot, JuiceSSH or Terminus.

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

I’ve already found out that putty under windows is probably the best - so I’ll give it a try tonight. Thanks for your support

Are you trying to access the Samba drives from Android? It’s possible they’re shared on the network just fine – but autodiscovery isn’t working as expected under Android.


Hi Sam

No not from android direct - from Kodi inside to addition Media over smb folder
but thats not so important - from my notebook (win 10) i can see in networkfolder osmc but reach only 4 folders with “movie” “tv show” and two others
but not the automountet usb drives.
I’ve already read a bit - and what I did not do after installing sambaserver is reboot the usb drives - Im now at work and will do it first when i go home.

Thanks for youe help and again - You do a great Job with the vero 4k+ - I’ve testet some others before But yours is the best at all!!!

Excuse my not so good english (is a bit rusty)


Let us know how you get on.

Yes, of course

Success - reboot the usb devices solved the Problem:sweat_smile:

Thanks for helping

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