A problem with forced 10bit 4:4:4

I applied the hotfix that forces 10bit 4:4:4 by adding something to rc.local. Watched some UHD Blu-ray content, and all looked fine.

However, playing regular Blu-ray content is another matter. I’ve got a Sony XE9005, and when fed regular Blu-ray by a hotfixed Vero 4K, it switches over to BT.2020 color space. That results in drastically incorrect colors.

Hi, the current method of enabling 10 bit is as you said forced, meaning it is applied to every content.

Bit depth and colourspace decoupling is currently still being worked on with no ETA. There are many posts on the forums about this and I’m sure Sam will open a test thread when something is ready.

Yup, it’s applied to all content, I understand that. But I figured it wouldn’t hurt to mention what the setting does to Rec.709 content on 4K TVs, as it seems to me not everyone has noticed the issue, based on posts I’ve read in other threads.