A start job is running for a set time using HTTP query

I shut down my pi this morning and when I came home it gave me that error with the frowny. I have seen this a time or two before, but it always went away after a minute or two. Now it just runs this all the time with a counter, then eventually no counter.

My log is: http://paste.osmc.io/nugawehozu

The http time query message is unrelated to your problem - it’s normal for that to appear during boot but you don’t normally see it because Kodi has taken control of the screen by then. Your real problem is that Kodi is exiting with exit code 139:

Nov 21 20:33:13 KylarsRoom mediacenter[231]: Kodi exited with return code 139 after 0 hours, 0 minutes and 1 seconds

This is a segmentation fault crash, which could be caused by just about anything.We would need to see other logs such as the Kodi log to have any idea what though. Please post full logs with:

grab-logs -A


Believe it or not, i have exactly the same problem

The “same” problem ? Since we don’t know what @guardian1691’s problem is yet I doubt that.

A sad face Kodi crash is a symptom not the cause of the problem. There are 101 different issues that could cause Kodi to crash and display the sad face.

Unfortunately there is nothing helpful that I can see in the Kodi log - it just shows a normal startup until the point where Kodi crashes. :confused:

I would try renaming the .kodi directory so that a new default one is created, if that allows Kodi to start normally then something in your .kodi directory has probably been corrupted. It could be the library, one of your addons or a number of other things.

Where might I find said directory?