A2dp (and raspotify) stopped working after update 18.3 -> 18.5

I have a rpi3b+ running OSMC connected via audio cable to external speakers. It receives audio from my mobile via a2dp and send it to the speakers. It used to work wonders.
After upgrading from kodi 18.3 (kernel 4.14.78-4) to latest osmc, I can’t connect from mobile to rpi via blutooth anymore.

As a side note, I also use raspotify - worked perfect also - and after the upgrade the sound became distorted and garbled. I know here is not the place to ask support for raspotify, but maybe it’s a useful information for helping solving the a2dp problem.

I pasted logs in https://paste.osmc.tv/upafaxahuj

Thanks in advance.

Edit: The same problem happend from 18.3 -> 18.4. At that time, I restored 18.3.