AAC pass through?

My sound bar claims that it decodes various formats, including AAC.
Can the Vero 4K + “pass-through” AAC.
I have the Samsung HW-N950.
According to the specs it says:
AV Decoding Format
WAV = Yes
MP3 = Yes
OGG = Yes
FLAC = Yes
AAC = Yes
ALAC = Yes
AIFF = Yes

I have the HDMI going from the Vero to the Soundbar then from the Soundbar to the TV.
Everything Dolby and DTS passes through just fine and most of my rips I do remuxes so it’s mostly TrueHD Atmos and DTS-HD MA, but I have an old rip I did of James and the Giant Peach for my children where I compressed it to AAC 5.1 for some reason.
I put it on for my children and it only sounded like 2.0.
I can obviously have the Vero transcode it to DD 5.1 but I was curious about non-Dolby and non-DTS pass-through possibilities.

Transcoding is your only option at the moment.

These formats can’t be passed through via HDMI. What these specs means is that the soundbar can decode those formats from USB or network, if it has that capability.

Got it.
Looks like I’ll set it up to transcode then.