Ability to stop stream while sitting in the "working" prompt broken

So before the February builds, I was able to hit M on my keyboard if a stream was taking too long to start(while the circle is spinning), select stop from the transport controls and then select another feed. Now I am unable to do this and have to wait until it loads and sits there at a 0% buffer (which can take 5 minutes sometimes). Is this something that should not have broken, or did someone determine this was something that needed “fixing”? Local files load quick enough to never be a bother, but any streaming that has multiple possible feeds that aren’t up to par can’t be stopped immediately to try another source.


I would be highly surprised if this were specific to OSMC. Probably more so a symptom of the add-on and how it brings streams up.

Some “addons” if they are having difficulty connecting to a server, and especially if they are not very well written, can cause the Kodi GUI to hang up a long time and seem unresponsive - on the order of a minute or two. Then after a while it will unfreeze and start working again.

This has always been the case in Kodi/XBMC, and I’ve been using it for over 3 years now and on multiple platforms, so this is nothing new.

9 times out of 10 if the GUI hangs while trying to start a stream in a video addon it is the fault of the coding of the addon and/or server connectivity problems - neither of which we can do anything about, as these addons and servers that they use are nothing to do with us. You’re best to seek support from the addon author for this kind of issue.

This isn’t add-on related, this is OS related. Whether it is osmc or kodi, I don’t know. That is what I am trying to figure out. Go ahead and try a January build, load a stream, and while it spins, press m. Then load a February or later build and DJ the exact same thing, and find you can’t press m and get transport controls. I did 6 years of software qa full time, I swear I’m not crazy. There is a malfunctioning listener for keyboard wedge commands, which would also encompass a keyboard. Just trying to help, and thank you for everything you guys do.

If the move from Isengard to Jarvis brings the issue, then you should go take it up with Kodi. As I said, not an OSMC issue. If you beg to differ, provide logs.

Thanks for the help. Your courtesy is legendary. Logs won’t show this, it was merely a concern, that none of you obviously have time for. I promise never to try and help with anything you guys ever do again, my apologies for trying.

Really? Debug logs from a working (presumably isengard) system won’t show a received keypress, while logs taken from your problematic (Jarvis I’d assume) won’t show a lack of this keypress due to a “failed listener?” The behavior was clearly explained by @DBMandrake above. Regardless, it’s a Kodi issue (highly unlikely to be a bug) which you are unlikely to receive any official support for because 9/10 times, this is behaviour one would experience with a third party add-on. Or, you could attempt to prove us wrong…

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