About to move to OSMC from RaspBMC soon

I know RaspBMC is EOL and I will be moving soon to OSMC however, I just wanted to ask if the old URLs for RaspBMC support are now dead or switched off and if they are is there an alternative these days to still be able to follow some old useful RaspBMC support threads?

Specifically there is this command
wget http://svn.stmlabs.com/svn/raspbmc/release/update-system/getfile.sh

and I would just like to ask if there is a current URL to replace this with as running it on an old RaspBMC install in SSH gives the error
Connection refused.

I’m sorry to be posting in OSMC regarding EOL but just hoped there was a simple URL alteration for this someone could provide me with.
This way, the old forum posts would still be useful and usable to people who have yet to move to OSMC :wink:

The old forums are still readable here


It seems that I can’t get rid of Raspbmc users and get them on OSMC.

The aforementioned command is deprecated, as our update server for Raspbmc is now no longer available.

There is a final, standalone image of Raspbmc at Download - OSMC, and that’s all we can offer for support for Raspbmc I’m afraid.

I will not be deleting the old forum. So posts there will remain online.

Move to OSMC. If there’s something missing from Raspbmc (which I doubt), then we’ll put it right. Seriously, you won’t regret it.

Best wishes


It’s ok I don’t need convincing to move to OSMC, I will be doing so by the end of the week.
My only reason for trying to grab a working URL for that getfile.sh is due to me managing to hose a non-backed up raspbmc install.

All I was doing was picking bits of plastic film off the tv remote and hdmi-cec was active so sent a flood of keypresses to the pi and it locked up - a reboot later and it was ruined!

So off i went removing files and now I get a boot error.

That will teach me.

OSMC here I come…