AC600 Wi-Fi

Hello Everyone,

Usually I configure wifi using this file /etc/network/interfaces
I saw it has been removed, since OSMC is using connmanctl
I have a AC600 wifi adapter, working well with the driver mt7601u, included in the kernel from 4.2

I don’t know how to detect my wifi adapter with this specific package with OSMC.
Someone could help me to use it ?


mt7601u is included in OSMC

Need to see VID/PID for this.

But you say AC which is surely an mt7610u unit?


Hello sam,

$ lsusb
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0e8d:7610 MediaTek Inc.

Actually I said something wrong, I don’t think it’s a mt7601u… sorry about that

It’s a 7610. We’ll add support in the next update.

I have an idea of what driver to add, but which kernel, on which device already adds support? It would be good to take a look and see if I’ve missed anything (they seem to have a 3.13 driver that just needed some cfg80211 fixes)


I see, sounds great.

Concerning the kernel, there is not a lot of choise on the manufacturer website : kernel 3.11 ?

I’ve fixed up the driver so it runs on 4.4

But I am curious on which platform you managed to run this dongle on kernel 4.2. It would be good to see that resource.