Access USB Key using WinSCP

Hi Folks:

Dumb question but how does one access the contents of a USB key installed on OSMC from WinSCP. I have to use a wireless network and on occasion video will stutter under the connection so I will transfer the media to the USB key and play in that manner. I would like to remote into OSMC using WinSCP and transfer the contents as opposed to removing the USB and copying the contents from the PC.

I can login no problem but don’t see the USB key in the WInSCP directory, just the OSMC files and directories?

BTW Is there a app or a better way of doing this from within OSMC by chance?

If the USB stick is auto mount then it is under /media/

An alternative is install Samba server from app store

Thanks very much. Indeed it’s there in /media. Will look into Samber server as well.