Accessing USB storage connected to router via SMB

I have a external USB drive connected to my Asus router and it is accesable to everything on my network via SMB and UPNP.
For the life of me I can not get my Vero 4K+ to see it.
Vero is plugged directly into the router with an ethernet cable.
I can obviously plug the drive directly into the Vero and everything works great but I’d rather keep it on the router so other devices can access it too.
I figure I’m missing something obvious, please help.

Okay, I figured it out.
I had to go to Settings>Services>SMB Client and change WINS server to my routers IP address.
Now I got a new situation, the interface for SMB and UPNP is horrible compared to local content (external USB drive plugged directly into the Vero).
So I guess I need to figure out how to make it look the same or just put the USB drive on the Vero and then run a SMB server.
So I put the USB drive back on the Vero, I did the SMB server and then when I went into windows to add a file I couldn’t find the attached device, just the local library folders (like I’m going to be storing movies on the internal memory).
How do I see the USB drive in Windows so I can transfer files

Never mind again, I disabled SMB server, then enabled it again and now it shows.
Just a lot of little quirks here and there to iron out I guess.