Accessing Vero from PC / Mapping the attached HDD

Hi. I’ve managed to get my Vero connected and now need some further help, please. The Samba app has been installed from the OSMC App Store and it’s ‘running’. The Vero is ‘allowed’ on my PC i.e. Network & Sharing Centre/media streaming options – Vero allowed.

Open Windows Explorer on my PC and the Vero is shown under Network Locations.

So far, so good. Why, then, if I type the Vero’s IP address into my browser, will it not connect? (If I type in the IP of my audio player, connection is instant.)

Second question: I’d like to ‘map’ the HDD plugged into the Vero but Map Network Drive/Browse brings up nothing of use. Can the HDD be mapped and, if so, how?

Thank you if you can let me know what the issue is.

What version of Windows are you using?

There is a web interface for OSMC if you’re trying to control it from your PC. Check Settings -> Services to make sure it’s enabled.

It’s Windows 10 Pro. “Kodi Web Interface - Chorus2” is shown in Settings, Services. Presumably it IS enabled as I don’t see any way to enable/disable it. The only option is ‘Get more’ (Interfaces, presumably…)

The Vero you see in Networks is just the UPnP device.

Have a look in the Credential Manager ( a recent discovery for me ).

An entry there will let you connect to the share on Vero from where you can map a drive letter.

For browser access, check you have the right port (?8080).

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Hi grahamh. All I have are a couple of new ‘generic credentials’ called SSO_POP_Device. The name Vero doesn’t appear as in your example.

I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean by “An entry there will let you connect to the share on Vero from where you can map a drive letter”. Could you explain further?

Also, which port is ‘right’ and how do I check it? Thank you.

If you click ‘Add a Windows credential’ you can fill in the IP and access username and password, then you should be able to type eg \\\ in the explorer search box and connect to the drive. I think the user/password prompt comes up if you just type that IP in explorer and you don’t have credentials already but the dialogue is a bit flakey.

You can map a share by right-clicking it and choosing Map network drive.

The port for the web interface is in Settings->Services IIRC.

Thanks, grahamh – after adding a Windows Credential, I can now type into my browser and Kodi immediately appears. Unfortunately, I still don’t understand or work out how to ‘Map Network Drive’ for the Vero. I just want it listed on the left hand margin of Windows Explorer for easy dragging/dropping. If you or someone could tell me how, I’d be grateful.

OK. the browser has nothing to do with smb - I’m not sure what the problem was with that.

As for file access, as I said get windows explorer up and type \\\ into the box at the top. You should see something like this:

I have three disk partitions on and ‘osmc’ is the home directory on that vero. You should see your smb share. Right click the icon and go down to Map network drive … and follow the instructions.

OK thanks. I see the osmc folder but now I need to ‘Enter network credentials’ and I’ve no idea what the username and password is for that. Too tired to think about it now, got to go to bed…

Default username and password would both be osmc.