Accidently ordered 3 Vero 4K+!

Hi Sam

Order #19703 (August 13, 2018)

Sorry but my order for 1 (one) Vero 4K+ changed to 3 units as I was paying. I think my browser must have refreshed behind the scenes.

Unfortunately I could not find a cancel button and I have been charged for all 3 (£297).

Please can you tell me how to cancel 2 of them and get the £198 refunded?


I’ll resolve this for you shortly


Cheers Sam and sorry to give you hassle when you’re so busy :sunglasses:


I’ve resolved this for you now.

You will likely just get the charge of £99, but if you have been charged £297 then the refund will be listed as a separate credit tomorrow morning.

I’ve also sent a new invoice through for your records.


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Hi Sam

My Monzo card is already showing the refund.

Thank you for such a prompt resolution.