Adaptive seeking a disaster

Since the latest upgrade, I’m finding it almost impossible to flick through the ads in a TV recording using the skip functions. Kodi seems to pick points to skip to at random and often goes backwards when I’m hitting the skip forward button (on the TV remote or on a keyboard). The Kodi Wiki implies you can edit adaptive seeking through the GUI but doesn’t tell you how.

Has anyone got this to work?


Use expert mode and you can. Set only one skip step, and Adaptive Seeking is effectively disabled


I can scroll through them, but how to change the values or delete the steps?

On confleunce you just select each step to enable/disable. Do this until one (e.g. 30s) positive and one negative is enabled (gold rather than grey) and set the “skip delay” to zero and you should find it behaves like it used to.

AHA! thanks. With the OSMC skin, it’s impossible to see any difference between enabled and disabled.


Not just in the OSMC skin - also impossible to see in black glass nova which is my skin of choice.

Best to report that here:

CC @HitcherUK

So many bugs to report and/or fix and so few hours in the day… :smile:

I seem to remember that a number of other skins I tested also have this same issue - confluence is one of the few skins where this style of selector (also used somewhere else in system that I can’t quite remember - possibly the additional debugging options) actually works properly and has a visible change with selection.

I guess it’s not something Skin devs test for. Another common problem is a number of Skins don’t display the CEC entry in peripherals including - you guessed it - black glass nova. :slight_smile: