Add a custom rc-keymap?

I just got m Vero 4k, and was using a NUC running LibreELEC before. For many years I’ve been using a MCE remote. A couple of month ago, something happened to the remote.

It was still sending signals to the receiver, but the signals was not what the used to be, and the result was that the remote didn’t work as it should (it didn’t work at all).

I then got some help, to reconfigure how LibreELEC should act on these signals, and I could easy just add a file in /storage/.config/rc_keymaps called my-mce, and after that the remote works as it should.

Now when I’m using OSMC on the Vero 4K, and I like the new remote, but still would like to be able to use the old one to, I wonder if I could add a rc_keymap in the same way?

I got lost directly when there’s no .config folder like in LibreELEC, and I hope that I can get some more help.

Here’s the thread from LibreELEC if you want to know what I’m talking about.



Is this a custom keymap you’re hoping to use or is it a standard mapping (i.e. did you make any changes). Can you take a snap of the remote?

They’re probably using ir-keytable to map the remote.

If you provide us with some more information there’s likely an LIRC or eventlircd mapping suitable for you. I’ll also check with some LE chaps about their remote stack, but this might take a bit of time.


Well, the remote is the same as the one called rc6 or mce6 in OSMC, where we can see a lot of different remotes we can enable. I’ve “never” had any problem getting it to work kind of out of the box in LibreELEC. I’ve only done some minor changes on how the buttons should work in Kodi, but the “communication” between the remote the receiver has always worked.

Until something broke in my remote. After that, the “language” wasn’t the same, and what I then did is described in that link I posted in the first post.

This is what is in that file I created. # table rc6_mce, type: RC60x800f2400 KEY_NUMERIC_00x800f2401 KEY_NUMERIC_1 -
And it’s placed in ~/.config/rc_keymaps and called my-mce on my LibreELEC box.

In the README file it says:
"RC keymaps user config dir

put your own keymaps for ir-keytable in this directory"

I hope this is enough of information for you to help me. =)



I think you can just enable rc6 decoder in My OSMC -> Remotes.
Off the top of my head I think you’ll also need to reboot.

But, as I said, my remote “is drunk” and speaks in a language then similar remotes do. In someway we have to add a interpreter.


That looks like a standard ir-keytable map to me.
You’d need to enable the RC6 decoder via My OSMC, and then run ir-keytable on startup (perhaps rc.local) and use that keymap.

Well, the problem was, that the remote sends the code in a different was than a working MCE.

That’s why the default keytable for a MCE didn’t work.

That trick in LE was to create the file I said, and let that file be between the remote and the keytable that’s the default for MCE.

But, I’ve stopped worried about that old remote now. I use the default one, and the TV remote with CeC and a keyboard…


Indeed. As explained, your remote appears to send RC6 codes.
If you invoke ir-keytable, you can tell OSMC’s kernel to interpret the same keymap you were using on LibreELEC.