Add nfs-kernel server to appstore

After update my Linux PC , i’ve spend some time to try to config SMB for some login reason, not the first time. But I loose time that i need for other things.
I use SMB share only to go easy to the osmc folder.
That’s works also with “nfs kernel server” and a line in etc/exports. Nothing new I know, but for people like me some syntax research’s needed . (It’s works for me)
My request: Can you add the nfs-kernel-server to the appstore, and perhaps with the good export file. It’s make life more easy for (I hope) a lot of non MS people.

Ideally I’d like to automatically share connected hard disks over NFS if we added it to the App Store. Is this the kind of feature you’d like?

It would have to be easy for users to use; as installing the nfs server on its own wouldn’t be helpful

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Hi Sam
No, forme I want it’s to share “export” /osmc/.kodi without thinking, searched, tryded, lost “my time”.
Like mounted the smb share osmc, with out all the problems.
After this I can use “my desktop” Linux Gnome for a lot of things. ssh with Nano is ok but I prefer Gedit with Gnome, with nautilus I can push, files, i can edit, delete rename … Yes I can, i don’t need Micro Soft Windows stuff. Since some years in my home network I don’t use MS Windows Work Stations;
I know that you and others try to secured MS stuff like samba, but for me the best way it’s to don’t use .
NB/: Ok when you make your work to good, too much people use it, and the hackers are followed to try. But wait and see.
It’s like “washing products”, what wash better like…

SFTP is available in Nautilus if you have Avahi installed. It will automatically show up. Slower, but fine for small transfers and editing


I was just going to ask about that. Works for me, although sometimes I can navigate up to filesystem root, sometimes not.

Yes it’s works fine with a Gnome Desktop.
Edit: And it’sthe best way to work (without security/permission problems) from Linux Desktop (nautilus) with Vero4 box.

For me OpenSuse Leap 42.2 with Gnome, nothing to do , no NFS client mount, only search in Nautilus one time
and (if it’s works) add signet to nautilus.
I can get all folders, I can read/write (rename) tested with .kofi folder.
With only nfs share I’ve some permissions issues, probably need to play with 7*** issues.
I use osmc to spend my time to update films and TV Series inside Kodi, not to setup some OS.
Sam , i repeat you are great, that’s is the solution for PC Linux users to work with Vero (osmc) boxes.
PS: I play with it the next days, if I’ found some issues I reported it back.

I’d definitely like to have the ability to share attached drives via a fast, optimized NFS server.

@sam_nazarko - Any chance we’ll see an optimized/tweak-friendly NFS server in the OSMC app store in the future to share attached drives? It’ll be great for 4K+ owners enjoying gigabit ethernet.

Since we’re discussing sharing attached drives, some users may have two identical drives (one for media, one for media backup). Is there an app that could be made available in the OSMC store (similar to dietpi-sync for instance) to perform backups and restores?

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It would be difficult to provide something which catered for a wide range of scenarios through the GUI. Everybody’s setup is different. Once you open up a commandline, there are lots of backup solutions available already.

That’s mainly the problem. I’m not sure how we’d abstract /etc/exports via a GUI at this point.