Add startup script for Hyperion

Hi All,

I have OSMC working on my raspberry 2 with Hyperion + light pack and would now want to add my Philips Hue lighting. I have followed following how to: and everything went well. I was able to start the hue lights.

I have added /etc/hyperion2 but need to make hardlink to tell your linux to start this up on boot with this cmd:

ln /etc/rc2.d/S01hyperion2 /etc/init.d/hyperion2

and get following error: ln: failed to access β€˜/etc/rc2.d/S01hyperion2’: No such file or directory

Can you please help me to make this hardlink. Many thanks, Jason

Without knowing which commands you followed it is unclear why you have this issue, but it looks like you tried to run update-rc.d on a potentially non existent target.

systemd doesn’t use runlevels, and support for /etc/rc.d is legacy at best. It would be better to use a systemd unit to run Hyperion. I believe there are some tutorials on this in our forum.

Thank you Sam. I will try to try to solve it using the tutorial!

edit: I found how to add a script /etc/systemd/system and the add it to systemctl to get started.

Did you find this from the tutorial or somewhere else ?

I found it on the forum using the search function; from my memory what I did was.

  1. Copy script of original /etc/systemd/system in my case Hyperion.service and rename it hyperion2.service
  2. Edit script with sudo nano to reference to another configuration file
  3. Add startup script to systemctl.
  4. Reboot

Hope it was helpfull.

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