Added new videos to osmc disk don't show up on LG smart tv list

I have an RPi3 based OSMC-Kodi installation which uses a USB connected hard drive (1TB) for media storage. Up until now I have used it off and on via an HDMI connection directly to my old Sony TV. But now I have replaced the TV with an LG 43" SmartTV and it turns out that it finds the OSMC device as a source on the network.
I can access the files on the OSMC/Kodi system directly from the TV and so I moved the OSMC device off the living room to a place closer to the router and connected it via Ethernet rather than WiFi.
It seemed to work just fine, until now that I discovered that new files added to the media drive via the samba share do not show up on the TV when I navigate to that folder. Only old files are shown.


  1. Why do the files not show up in the list on the TV until the OSMC box is rebooted?

  2. Is there some way that I can force an update of the file list without actually shutting off/on power to the RPi3 hosting OSMC?
    Maybe a restart of some OSMC service (like mini-dlna on Ubuntu machines)?

I can access the OSMC command line interface via Putty from my Windows PC but it does no longer have a monitor attached so I cannot use the OSMC GUI.
Is here a way to have some GUI interface via the network like VNC so I can interact with it from my PC?

Assuming that you TV access OSMC via DLNA, in that case the files need to be in your library. So you either would have to do regular library scans or add a watchdog addon that would update the library when you add new files

Yes, just search VNC here on the forum

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So I tested this command via PuTTY and it worked to get the files visible:

sudo systemctl restart mediacenter

So I will have to remember to do that once I have uploaded the files I want to watch to the OSMC media drive. I download Youtube news videos locally to do the watch on my TV later on (when they have disappeared from YouTube).

Interesting, how do I add a watchdog like that?
(Since my OSMC does not have a monitor attached, it seems like the description here does not work)

Typically I am adding a bunch of 5-10 mp4 videos daily onto a folder on the media drive by copying from my editing computer via the samba share. Usually the copy is the last task when handling the videos.
Can the watchdog be set to check at regular intervals (like 5 min) or will it act immediately?
It would be best if it detects a new file and then holds off a short while just in case there is another video file coming…

Well as you wrote you could use VNC to do that.

If you want to do it from command line

BTW, if you don’t use the GUI from Kodi their might be better DLNA servers out there :wink:

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I bit the bullet and moved the RPi to the TV and hooked it up there, then used the Yatse remote control app to use the Kodi GUI and installed the Watchdog add-on.
Then I also updated OSMC to the latest version when I had the GUI available.
Finally moved the RPi back to its new headless place and added a new video to its shared disk.
Now (amazingly) the new video is immediately listed! :slight_smile:
So thank you for that tip!!!

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