Adding a shortcut to the Confluence screen

I hope I’m explaining this clearly. I’m using the Confluence skin on my Raspberry Pi 3B+.

If I want to play my MP3’s which are on my OneDrive I have to click Music>Music add-ons>OneDrive>OneDrive Personal>Files>MP3.

Is there a way to put a link named MP3 on the main screen that I can just click that would bring me there?

Also what is the star in the lower left corner of the screen next to the power button used for?


You might need to ask in the Kodi forums, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to add shortcuts directly to a “subfolder” using Confluence.

Thanks. Can it be done using a different skin like Xonfluence?

The star is the favorites menu. Navigate to your desired location on one drive, use the context menu to add to favorites.

How to I get to the context menu? I’m using a Harmony universal remote. I can program keys on it with the Keymap editor in OSMC. Thanks!

It’s the c button on a keyboard. If you are using the keymap editor then you should be able to map a key. I don’t use Harmony or the editor.

I mapped a key on my remote and when I click it a windows opens in the top left of the screen. If I click on that it looks like I can type into it. I assume I need a wireless keyboard or an onscreen virtual keyboard? Thanks.

This sounds like you have not appropriately mapped a key to the context menu. Try the links below… good luck.

Got it to work. Thanks for all your help!