Adding external HDD as source

Hi, new to this whole RP2 and OSMC thing.
Thought that everything is easy, but it never is.
Problem: When attaching my external 2.5 HDD to RP2, it mounts and is discoverable and I can browse and play files from it. But I can’t add it as source.
So instead of getting the nice Media Center experience I have to browse through folders to get to content. What might be the problem here?

Also, is there any easy way (addon of some sort) of using the external HDD as a network drive I can access and add media over the wifi, or do i need to get coding? (i have no backround in that area)

Sure you can!

Ok, how. Cos when I try to do that, and push Add Source, then my external HDD is not showing. I see all the other stuff (root, upnp, etc etc) BUT i dont see my external drive there.

Try root/media

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Install Samba Server from App Store

Samba works fine with Mac, right?

OK, that sort of did the trick, but it picked up files with proper metadata, and skipped DVD-s and some .avi files, is there a way to get all of the content to “Movies” section?

You do have tvshows separated from movies in their own directories right?

yes yes.
ok a lot of things got so much better today, thank you.

all i need now is a simple solution to access the hdd with my macbook

How can i remove entries, that for some reason are doubled, even tho i only have one movie?

Try Clean Library

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And where can i find that? found it.

Also, is it possible to create 2 separate Movie catalogues, one for KIDS, and one for the rest?

found it.

yes look on the Kodi wiki on profiles

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So, what would be the simplest way to get that Samba thing working.
After installing the Samba server from App Store, what should be the next steps?

  1. Install it
  2. Profit ?

Ok, i’ll try that :slightly_smiling:

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ok, installed it.and found it, and accessed it. thank you