Addon - Advanced Wake on Lan needs Kodi to run with root rights

Hi, me again and with another WOL Problem. Last time i had problems with Kodi always waking up my Server from Standby, which was solved by Sam very quick. I hope this time i can also get help. I upgraded my Fileserver, not only in Filespace, i upgraded the complete Hardware and also the OS, i am now on Win10. I also changed my Library, i dropped my MySQL Library and use now Plex Media Server for managing my Library and multiple User. I use KodiPlexConnect to get access to the Plex Media Server and this works really good. No more Database Updating for each User when Content is added or removed. My Problem is now, that this Setup breaks the integrated WOL Feature of Kodi, because Kodi is not accessing Files on the Server by itself, this is being handled by PlexKodiConnect. So i have to use the Addon “Advanced Wake on Lan” from the official repository. This Addon has two ways to check if the Server is running. 1) with a Ping-Check and 2) it waits a configurable time and assumes that the Server is running after that time. I would like to use Option 1, but for this it says that it needs root rights. Is there a way to start Kodi with root rights to make this work or is there another Addon i could use, any suggestion is appreciated.



I don’t think it’s a good idea to run Kodi as root.
First – I’d suggest trying to use the add-on and see if it works.

If it doesn’t, some debug logs should allow us to ascertain which permissions in particular the add-on is in need of.


I’m curious - why on earth would something insist on root permissions just to do a ping?