Addons can't move on most recent or in home page

I have installed a new addons… this is a video addons and it’s appears correctly when i choose “Addons -> Video” but it’s appears and last bottom of the list.

When i come back to home this addons it’s not appears on most recent… it’s normal ?
Actually on home i have 7 or 8 addons… it’s the most recent used addons… when i launch one of it at exit this it’s return to the left of all but how i can “add” the newest addons to this list ?

Ah… i used “Estuary”… meanwhile some feedback i go on tv to see what’s append whit osmc stock skin…

2nd EDIT
Found Solution myself… it’s simply need to open addons from “Video -> Video Addons” and this addons it’s be appears on left on “Addons” also on home page.

Sorry for double post… but i need to do a small correction about my previous reply.

I thinks this little trouble it’s a bug of this specific addons (and i have already report to team developers).
I have notified this:

  • If this addons it’s in “seconds place” on “Addons” in home… i launch it and exit and it’s stay on “second place” and nothigs append. Normally after back on home he should back at left of others.

  • This append (back to left or others) only when it’s launch from “Video -> Addons” section and back to home.

At this point i thinks it’s a bug of this addons but i don’t have idea if i correct…

If you don’t advise what addon it is that is problematic, then I don’t know what the point of this post is except to clutter the forum.

In the beginning I thought it was a problem related to the skins…

After some myself test i maybe find it’s a problems whit an specific addons and i have report the issue directly to developers and i have make my second edit.

if it was possible I would have possibly deleted the thread myself…

If you want delete it…