Adjust Refresh rate differences

So The setting Adjust Refresh Rate has 3 options, Always, on start/stop and off.

I would like to know what the differences between Always and on start/start stop is ?

Does on start/stop mean on start or stop of the device or a specific video ? What happens if you have always selected ? What is the preffered setting?

I checked the wiki before asking but couldn’t find anything

AFAIK, “Start/Stop” will adjust it at the Start/Stop of the movie while “Always” will adjust it any time even if the refresh rate changes during a movie.
I believe “Start/Stop” is the best balance.

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Thanks that explains it !

How often does that happen? :open_mouth:

I think the only practical difference it makes is if you’re in mid-playback and you hit the Back or Home button to get into the settings while the video is still running.

If, for example, your GUI normally operates at 60Hz but the film is 24fps, and the setting is “Always”, switching between the GUI/menus and the movie requires a refresh-rate change each time. If the setting is “On start/stop” then it only goes back to 60Hz when you actually stop the film - going into the GUI while the film is playing gives you GUI at 24Hz.