Advancedsettings.xml boot loop

Ive just done a fresh install via the 2015.06.01 image and then immediately updated to 2015.07.01. As soon as I move my advancedsettings.xml file into .kodi/userdata I get a sad face boot loop.

All my advanced settinf file does is specify the central MySQL database for videos. 2015.06.01 works fine as does every other kodi install in my house.

Any ideas?


hmmm. I found the kodi log file and have just realised two things:

  1. 2015.07.01 is based on Kodi 15
  2. It fails to create the new MySQL database structure needed.

A whole version jump with no real documentation and no warning is a bit rough!!! Ill stick with 2015.06.01

No documentation or warning ?

Every major release is reported on our blog with a list of changes and features. If you check the blog entry for the July update you’ll see that it clearly says we have moved to Isengard 15.

No updates are installed without your permission so you have plenty of opportunity to check the blog to see what is new before updating which is prudent with a shared MySQL install.

Furthermore the OSMC updater will specifically warn you if the upgrade will cause an increase in the major version number of Kodi (eg 14 -> 15) and will suggest that you check our blog for more information before upgrading. You have to acknowledge this warning before any upgrade will proceed.

So there is plenty of warning about a major Kodi update available to you.

If you are using a shared MySQL install you should not upgrade to Isengard until you are ready to upgrade all devices simultaneously - and upgrade the primary device first so that it does the database upgrade for the other clients.

If this is the primary device and is crashing when you’re trying to upgrade the database please post your Kodi log:

paste-log .kodi/temp/kodi.log