Advice on vero4k+ setup before purchase


I’ve been reading through the forum about the vero 4k+ on the search for a replacement of my broken htpc. It seems to be able to deliver what I want and need but to be sure I’d like to ask for advice and reassurance how to best set it up.

Concerning the HW:

  • I plan on getting a budget friendly synology nas (a Junior version) where I can put my two 3.5" drives into. It should be connected over a router via gbit lan.
  • Then there is an onkyo avr which should receive the audio signal in the best quality possible (I don’t care if it’s spdif or hdmi as long as bitstreaming works and files will play bitperfect).
  • Last there is a middle-aged samsung smart tv with hdmi connectors for the video signal.
  • I’d like to control the box with my ipad like I used to - there’s an app called xbmc remote control for it.

Where could I run into difficulties or compatibility problems? I clearly lack a deeper linux knwoledge to fuddle around with audio drivers. I just know the (driver) problems from the windows world where many drivers/codecs would automatically resample. Or with stuttering frame rates on video playback.

I don’t have any 3D or 4k material and don’t plan on getting it in the near future. I just want to watch 1080p movies smoothly, especially listen to hiqh quality lossless audio and control the whole thing over a digital display where I can quickly browse my large collection.


This should work just fine out of the box.

When you get the device, enable Adjust Refresh Rate and enable pass through for the audio formats you want.

I recommend using NFS shares with the Synology for best results. You will be able to keep using the iPad.

Let me know if you have any questions