Aeon Nox: Parts of the screen are not fully shown

I have another problem and hopefully someone can help me:

When I´m on OSMC every information looks great as you can see at the following picture:

When I´m using Aeon Nox or Confluence Parts of the information are not fuly shown:

How can I adjust that?

Set your TV to 1:1 display (no zoom) and remove any possible over scan setting you might have configured in OSMC

Zoom is 0%
How can I remove the overscan settings?

Is your TV in “JustScan”, “1:1”, or “PCMode”?

Overscan is defined in /boot/config.txt

Have a look if there is any overscan.

If you did a screen calibration in Kodi itself, reset it.

TV is in 16:9 mode
Overscan in config.txt= disable_overscan=1
I have reset the kodi screen calibration

…but nothing changes

16:9 mode is incorrect as it will introduce overscan. What other screen mode options does your TV have ?

OK - Problem solved:slight_smile:
I found the option for the manual settings for the screen