After December install Display is still set to 720p after install

Not a big deal but I noticed that after I updated to December patch the vero 4k+ booted to 720p. I changed it to 1080p in settings -> System and it now stays at 1080p after I reboot ( havent tried to power off )

I also noticed that under settings -> system I now have 1280x720p twice 1920x1080p once and 1920x1080i once

I have a 10 year old sony HD TV.

If I can do some tests to help you iron out the bug for good let me know

Oh yes and Happy new year to the osmc team and to all of the community out there!

Thanks for the report. If the 1080p setting survives a power off then lets not spend any more time on it. I think the repeated resolutions in settings is because of the way Kodi has to cater for windowing environments, or else they are different refresh rate versions of the same resolution. Not a new ‘bug’.

I just powered off the system and waited a minute or two before I unplugged and replugged the power cord. Is it normal that the red light is burning on vero 4k + when the system is powered off ?

I also noticed that the system would not power back on after unplugging replugged the power cord If I had 4 Port USB 3.0 Powered Hub - OSMC connected to the vero via USB ( I imagine it happens because the usb hub is powered and supplies power to the vero even if the power cord is unplugged?

But good news the vero now remembers to display 1080p even after power off system

Good, thanks. Yes, the OSMC hub will power Vero so for complete power off you need to unplug that as well.

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