After instaling osmc on my apple tv1

after installing osmc on my apple tv1 to hdd work fine until I turn off apple tv. when I turn it on it keeps going to the instaltion prosess again and the stalls on installing files even when the bar is all the way. can any one help with this

Did you leave the USB stick plugged in when rebooting?

did both left it in first. then try it by taking out same problem

Taking out the USB definitely currently is not working as you can read in the respective threads of the forum.
So I only can suggest you try a new install to the USB stick and boot via the USB stick until a HDD installation is supported.

how can I install openelec then if I have to keep the usb in

Well, I just would assume a typo that you wrote openelec while you want to install OSMC, or?
Just choose USB Install from the Installer and then when you boot from the USB Stick it will install istself to the USB Stick.

can i reset in apple tv to the original firmware or is that not possible no more.then i can wait until the osmc ready to be used with out usb.

Please define “original firmware”

the firmware that came on apple tv when i got it ios.

Ok, with that question I am out of my league. Hope someone else could pick this up for you.

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Firmware isn’t the right word. You just want to reinstall the original OS. Firmware is the embedded software in the device providing low-level control.

These instructions should help complete what you’re asking.