After installing latest March-17 update on my rbp3-osmc-mediacenter-osmc-17.0.0-15: "Failed to start login service" is displayed

Now I am done with backing up a disk images, configured transmission,SmB server etc… Everything is running fine now. Now I want to know whether there is anyway to remotely powering on Raspberry pi 3 via any software…Because as my pi 3 is always connected to internet, I worried maybe someone can hack in to the system.

Please help me on this.

Power on is only possible with additional hardware like pico ups.
But is your Pi directly connected to internet with public IP? Why?
And if that is the case than I would suggest to take proper security measures. Switching off would not be the solution.

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No my Pi3 is not using an public IP. I have my router with a subnet configured by me and my ISP assigns periodically (dynamically) assign an public IP as I didn’t​ subscribed for a public ip.

Also in this case is it ok to have the Pi3 powered on for ever??

Is there a basic firewall running in osmc which masks unused ports??

Sivabalan K

Yes, this is how it’s designed.

No, this is the job of your router.

Thanks! Have increased the firewall security level in my router.

Is there any setting or addon that when configured/enabled protects the filesystem from accidental power recycling of Pi3??

OSMC already tries to do this, but it cannot work miracles.


Please tell me how to add music videos. I have added sources as follows

Music videos–> enter file section -->add videos --> add video resource --> folder path to the music videos and I have mapped a folder which contains some music videos. Also while adding I will selection the option “this source contain music videos” still when the selected music videos in the home screen…Nothing shows up and again it asks me to add videos. But the same thing I did for videos(Movies) and Music and both shows up properly in the home screen.

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Got it . Thanks for the info!!

One more doubt. I have enabled screensaver in my pi osmc. Will it consume more power when in always on mode??

Also will visualization cause more could usage and affect audio processing while music playback??