After OSMC update just getting bad smiley?

Model Raspberry Pi 2.

Can you still access OSMC via ssh? If yes please grab-logs -A and post the URL

15:54:34 229.680389 T:1958183472   ERROR: SQL: SQL error or missing database
                                            Query: SELECT idVersion FROM version

Seems you have a problem to connect to your SQL database. Check the .db files in the kodi directory.

You say “After OSMC update”, however your APT term.log and history.log are completely empty, which means no update has been installed or even attempted.

So it’s impossible for a failed update to be the cause of your problem. Can you describe exactly what you did leading up to the sad face crash ?

Yes, thats because i have reinstalled OSMC because of the bad smiley. But the problem is stille the same, a bad smiley.

I guess some might have the same problem. I mean Its one piece rasperry pi 2 and only one system OSMC installed.

As I wrote your log file indicates you have an issue with the access to SQL.
So assuming this is a fresh install and you are not using an external MySQL server then the SQL files must be damaged which could indicate a broken SD card

Thx, fzinken. That last information can i use. I will change that. If that would work you here from me again.

Merry x-mas :smile:

This would assume that you have a proper power supply and that is not the issue of your problems.
Maybe post the result of ls -lah /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/Database/ to see if the database files at least exists