After update GUI Sound don't work properly

I have an issue with Gui Sounds on my Vero4k after I’ve updated it yesterday.

Audio Video Playback work just fine but I realized that the GUI sound stopped working however if I keep one of the directional buttons pressed causing a quick scroll through menu options (generating repeated sounds) after 2 seconds the sound returns but when I go back to a slower GUI sound generation they disappear again.

I can repeat it and as long as I’m generating GUI sounds at a fast repetition, gui sounds stick around but when I stop they are gone again after 2 seconds.

I’ve played around with the Setting/System/Audio settings and reset the audio values even but made no difference. Either the setting are the same as the previous version I guess so something else has change that it’s breaking this.

Any idea?

Have you got Keep audio device alive set on?

Yea sorry I meant to mention that but I forgot to include it. it is set to always.

I had to enable “Send low volume noise” and that seems to have fixed it now.

Not sure why this wasn’t needed before, unless it’s some new setting I wouldn’t have expected it to change with the upgrade.

There are a series of audio improvements in this update, as explained on the blog.



Ok so this was a new setting then I guess and previously must have been enabled by default while the upgrade disable it probably.

Thanks Sam

The setting has always been there, but there were changes to defaults


Strange, wouldn’t this default change have affected every vero4k user then?

No – I don’t think so. It depends how their audio settings were configured before.