After update, IPTV doesn't work


I installed the latest version from the OSMC installer yesterday, and I got IPTV working with a channel list

However, after updating through My OSMC, it no longer works. When I try to enable TV it now says I need a tuner, backend software and a headend wheras this was never the case, it just enabled IPTV and worked.

Am I missing a trick? I have also tried installing TVHeadend from the appstore to no avail.


hey Shivy011!

This has been reported in another topic and was already fixed, just do a manual update. More details here:

Please update and let us know if it is still not fixed



I have updated my OSMC to latest version and simple IPTV is not working anymore… what do I need to do to fix?

There is no new updates available.

How have you installed simple IPTV? also some logs would help
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