After Update to "2016.02-1" my shortcuts are "cached"

Setup: osmc 2016.02-1 on rpi 2 using confluence skin


after upgrading osmc I noticed the following:

I have a shortcut to a smb share on the home screen. The same share is also available in the favorites. Since the update, when I select the share, the directory listing is not current (new added files are not shown). That happens via the shortcut on the home screen and also when selecting from favorites.

But when I goto “Videos - Files” and start browsing that share from there, I get an up2date list.

I couldn’t find somewhere a “do not cache my smb share directory listing” setting. Any suggestions?

If thats not osmc related, please let me know, that I can post that to the kodi forum.

Thanks in advance.


For anyone else who got that problem:

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Thanks for looking up your own solution and making it available for others

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