After Update to kodi 18.2 no sound on mp4 files


After upgrading to Kodi v18 (Leia) mp4 audio files do not work anymore. With Kodi 17 everything worked perfect.


Kewl, might be better with debuglogs instead of just stating the issue

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has been solved need to use output configuration “fixed” in system/audio to play mp4 files


You should not have to. If you fix the sampling rate at 48k you will not get the best from pure audio files with a CD sampling rate.

Besides, nothing has changed between v17 and v18.2 AFAIK. If you are happy with the solution, fine, otherwise post some debug logs for when you don’t get sound.


Finally decided to to a fresh install. After that with the latest build everything is working again as it is supposed to. So i guess with the original update went something wrong.