Again a file systeme problem


DING - Openweathermap problem
boot, reboot, rererererereboot; uninstall/réinstall openweathermap

And finaly : Linux, Gparted and Check and Repair
Fine !

Ok, I know, “openweathermap and corrupt system file have nothing to do”, “fsck on boot”, “impossible”, “my equipment is rotten” :slight_smile:

Every time I see any problem, it is resolved (and simply) by Linux / Gparted and not with a reboot where repair the system is supposed to work

that’s all folks

PS: Boot on USB Key (SD + USB Key)
PS: Bahhh … problem every … 3 - 6 month … really OSMC is Fine !
keep cool :slight_smile:

Have you noticed that no one else has to do this? The Weather add-ons are not corrupting your file system directly, it sounds like you have a hardware problem. This is anecdotal evidence.


You and nobody else have this problem. Please fix your hardware rather than continually reporting corruption that is not software based. I’m not sure what you hope to prove by doing so.

Stop being aggressive, or make it personal at last !!!

The file system provides glitches that may affect any function, it is the cause of most failures, this is why you included fsck at boot.
Is it correct ?

For my problems I think I have the least:, on average 2 per year and have the same SD/USB key (boot) for years and years, I have never changed! I Just 4 or 5 times I used GParted and everything is back in order: OSMC is fantastic and you should be happy that I tell you that!

Why you do not accept this simple thing:

Reboot => the problem, whatever it is, is always here
GParted “check and repair” (on USBKey only) => OK!

NOTE: Recall that in my house, OSMC is on USBKEY
I have said nothing about OSMC in SD only.

The next time (in 2, 3 or 6 months (?)), I take screen images of the announcement of the problem, or a video that shows that the reboot is useless and one after GParted, which shows that no more error.
OK ?

end of discussion here for me
thank for the great OSMC and… Keep Cool :slight_smile:

No one is being aggressive. We are just telling you that your reasoning is not sound. You have not backed it up with a single log over a period of several months either.

You have a serious hardware problem that you should address.

No other user has ever reported this problem nor the need for this form of resolution. Do you think you are the only OSMC user using a USB installation on a Raspberry Pi?

I have been running on the same SD card for about 2 years, and have never had to remove the card due to filesystem corruption. And I install/remove skins for testing. Install/remove plugins for testing.

And, I have a mysql database on it, not only used for Kodi, but used by another application on another system, sometimes creating a heavy load on the mysql database, and still I’ve never had a filesystem problem.

Your problem seems very unique, and this comment make me think that maybe your USB device is failing. [quote=“thry.martin, post:4, topic:17492”]
the same SD/USB key (boot) for years and years, I have never changed!

Years and years of constant use may have worn out the USB device. I have started backing up my SD card on a regular basis, thinking that it’s a few years old, and may be nearing end old life.

Hello Sam

You have a serious hardware problem

I have absolutely no problem, I never needed to log or help!
I just corrected on these 2 or 3 years, 2 or 3 malfunctions with only Gparted and it amuses me to see you put yourself into a rage about it :slight_smile:

And I love you also,
that… I just bought a Vero 2


thank you for your job

No rage, I think maybe we have a language gap here. Thanks for supporting the project :slight_smile:

Enjoy the Vero 2